Brasov International Film Festival & Market – Day One

Brasov, Romania — September 4, 2014 – For immediate release – The 3rd edition of Brasov International Film Festival & Market (, the most important and renowned nonviolent Film Festival in the world, has opened today with the screening of PUNCTURED HOPE (with Romanian language subtitles), directed by Bruno Pischiutta and produced by Daria Trifu, and nominated in Hollywood by the Political Film Society in Hollywood as Best Film Expose and Best Film On Human Rights of the year alongside AVATAR, INVICTUS, INGLORIOUS BASTERDS and THE HURT LOCKER. The film features the sad phenomenon of modern day slavery and female genital mutilation in West Africa.

Daria Trifu – Festival Director, Bruno Pischiutta – Festival Artistic Consultant, Elio Dell’Unto – President of the Jury, Denisa Barvon – Actress

Each year the Festival is dedicated to a cause. This year the theme of the Festival is Africa, a continent full of problems and promises.

The evening has been broadcasted live by TVS-Brasov, the most watched television channel in the County of Brașov, headed by journalist Ovidiu Gradinar and partner with the Festival. Journalist Denisa Dumitru started the presentation addressing the TV viewers.

The public has attended in high numbers and they were enthusiastic about this great event taking place in Brasov. The Festival was opened tonight by Director of the Festival Daria Trifu and presented by the Film Director Bruno Pischiutta and Actress Denisa Barvon.

The three Faces of the Festival were introduced to the audience. Angie Antal, the next star emerging from Brasov and who was interviewed live by TVS. The other two young and talented actresses are Paula Blank and Andreea Dumitru.

Tomorrow night the public will watch the first film in competition ENDLESS LOVE starring Gabriella Wilde, Alex Pettyfer and Bruce Greenwood, and directed by Shana Feste. The film presents the story of a privileged girl and a charismatic boy whose instant desire sparks a love affair made only more reckless by parents trying to keep them apart.

The Festival takes place this year from September 4th to the 14th at the Reduta Cultural Center located in the heart of the city of Brasov, Romania.

The 2014 edition of the Festival is partner with Oktoberfest, organized by Cristian Macedonschi, which takes place during the same period in Brasov (where 250,000 people are expected to participate). Today Daria Trifu, Denisa Barvon and Angie Antal have invited the people to the Festival from the stage of Oktoberfest.

Brasov International Film Festival & Market thanks to the following partners: TVS Brasov, RMN Stars, Nissa, Hotel Bella Muzica, 24-Fun,, Metropola and Oktoberfest Brasov.


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