Closing of the 2014 Festival and Workshops – Videos

Brasov, Romania — September 18, 2014 – For immediate release
The International Film Workshops 2014, organized by Daria Trifu and taught by film director Bruno Pischiutta in English language, ended on September 14 with the graduation ceremony of the 13 Romanian and international students who have attended the third edition of the program in Brasov, Romania. At the ceremony the students received their Certificates of Attendance. This was also the last edition of the Workshops, due to the fact that the courses have been filmed and will be distributed worldwide on DVD, which could be produced in several languages and give, in this way, access to the Workshops to many young talents worldwide without coming all the way to Brasov. The Workshops offer the necessary theoretical knowledge to start a film career, at international level, as film actors, film writers, film directors and film producers, and were completely free for the students.

The 3rd edition of Brasov International Film Festival & Market also ended on September 14 with the Awards Gala Night at the elegant Cubix Design Hotel, one of the top hotels in Transylvania, in front of a full house, cameras and international film stars coming from London and Bangladesh. To see the awarded films, please visit:

After the presentation of the awards the evening continued with the last screening, out of competition, of the Global Film Studio’s successful feature documentary BRASOV: PROBABLY THE BEST CITY IN THE WORLD, produced by Brasov Film Center. This documentary which was presented at the ‘Romanian Cinema Week’ festival held in Havana, Cuba, is unanimously recognized as the best documentary done about the city of Brasov. The last night of the Festival was a great success and the room resounded with the thunderous applause from a very enthusiastic audience who attended this exclusive event.
The success scored by the third edition of the Brasov International Film Festival & Market has been already made public in London and Bangladesh. The Festival will continue next year, 2015, with its fourth edition in Brasov.
Following the already three-year tradition, the organizers of the Festival have given Special Awards to the following people, who are exceptional members of the team:

  •  Samuel Rufly Quansah – Producer
  • Tina Kadoich – Producer
  • Ana -Maria Cioflec – Writer
  • Angie Antal – Actress

Photo Day 11e

For more information about the given Special Awards please watch the video:

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