Brasov Film Festival 2015 – Day 4

The third film In-Competition, from India, was screened on Sunday evening. The film was COME BACK JEETO, directed by Jaswant Mintu and produced by Dr. Jaswinder Singh Gandhi. It is starring Amanpreet Bal and Jaspal Jas.

The Festival is proud to have presented this movie that has been produced without the intention of making money. It was financed by the Amrit Foundation and it is a non profit movie, made for the purpose of bringing out educational values for society.
COME BACK JEETO is a beautiful and interesting representation of the Indian society and it is perfectly in tone with the theme of the Festival this year that is dedicated to women. The story clearly spells out how women – mothers, daughters, sisters and wives – are the immediate victims of men’s addictions to alcohol and drugs. The movie is dedicated to those innocent women.

COME BACK JEETO showcases the story of most of the youth of Punjab who were once known for their robust and vigorous health but now have fallen into the trap of the Drug Mafia.

Actor Andrei Neamtu the winner of the contest “The IMAGE of the Festival 2015” was interviewed by Daria Trifu following the screening.

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