Brasov Film Festival 2015 – Day 10

The ninth and last film In-Competition, THE LIFE AND DEATH OF AN UNHAPPILY MARRIED MAN, was screened at the Brasov International Film Festival on Saturday, September 12.

The film is about a young man (Tommy Beardmore) disillusioned with his failing marriage and dead end career who abruptly decides to visit his past to figure out where it all went wrong.

The movie is an American production starring D’arcy Fellona and Tommy Beardmore. It is written, directed and produced by Josh Hope, produced by Mikki Raphael Rosenberg, Josh Hope, Tommy Beardmore & Chris Hong. Director of Photography – Seth Savoy. Composer – Tony Green. Editor – Chris Hong.

Before presenting the movie, actress Denisa Barvon and director Bruno Pischiutta introduce and thank the volunteers who have assisted the organizers of the Festival this year.

Producer Daria Trifu interviews actress Mary Spark who is soon to play a role in the upcoming feature film by Bruno Pischiutta.

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