Brasov Int’l Film Festival: The new way to showcase nonviolent movies

Brasov Int’l Film Festival & Market was founded in 2012. It is the most important and renown nonviolent film festival in the world; it was created by film director Bruno Pischiutta, who serves as its Artistic Consultant, and film producer Daria Trifu, who continues to organize the annual event and is the Festival Director.

“If you visit a film market place (e.g.: The Cannes Film Market) and you look at the posters of the films that can be purchased you will be surprised by the amount of violence and graphic sexuality that is portrait on most of the posters. This happens because many producers wrongly believe that sex and violence are commercial elements that are necessary in successful films. This belief generates a negative competition, i.e., films try to be the most violent, the most sexual in the market.

Family films (e.g.: Disney’s films) have always been the most successful at the box-office. If it is true that a share of the market in the USA and, in general, in the Western world love to see sequences of violence and graphic sexuality, it is also true that many adults in North-America and in Europe are sick and tired of these elements being present in most of the films and desire an approach based on different, more deep themes. A big share of the viewers in the Western world simply do not go to cinema anymore because they are tired to always see the same things. If this is true in the Western world, it is 100 times more actual in China, India, Bangladesh and many other Asian, Middle Eastern and African countries. In most of those countries violent and graphically explicit sexual films will never be screened because they are against the local law and/or religion.

This introduction is important in order to understand the unique niche of our festival and of our company. Global Film Studio, the owner and financier of Brasov Int’l Film Festival, remains faithful to its commitment of choosing to invest in nonviolent and ethical media related ventures that provoke thought and address topical issues of our time.” – Film Director Bruno Pischiutta

In 2016, the founders made film and internet history by bringing the festival on-line exclusively, and allowing, for the first time, the world viewers to enjoy all the selected films from the comfort of their homes.

The 6th edition of the festival takes place this year from September 14 to 24 on Global Film Studio’s Vimeo on-demand channel.

These are the two posters of the 2017 edition.

The festival presents works in competition. A selection committee chooses, among all submissions, the feature films, the documentaries and the shorts. The awards are announced on the last night of the festival and they are listed on the IMDB.

Studio films are often screened, however Brasov Film Festival especially encourages the participation of independent works; the selection committee gives priority to the artistic quality of the products and to newcomers.

Over the years, some of the filmmakers awarded include: Nicole Kidman, Woody Allen, Richard Gere, Keira Knightley, Robert Redford, Sarah Jessica Parker, Woody Harrelson and Cameron Diaz. Some of the independent films that have been awarded at Brasov International Film Festival have gained access to theatrical releases and have competed for Academy Awards® nomination consideration.


In addition to the festival’s own promotional tools which are already extensive, Brasov Film Festival offers added exposure to the participating films and filmmakers by featuring them in Daria!, an art, entertainment & business magazine founded in 2005. The annual magazine is published in August and it is available online. Some of the previous issues may be read here: Daria!

The look of Daria! combines that of Vanity Fair and of National Geographic. Most of what is published in Daria!, could not be read anywhere else. The aim of Daria! is to influence the opinion of those who have power and desire to change the world for the better, by engaging them on the topics, the people and the films featured on its pages.

The print version of Daria! has been distributed at high class events, luxury clubs, hotels and film festivals worldwide. It was handed-out during private events in Monte Carlo (Jockey Club – The Fairmont Hotel), in New York City (The Friars Club), in Montreal (International Film Festival), in Los Angeles (The Fairmont Hotel during The American Film Market), in Brasov, in Last Vegas, in Cannes (Cannes Film Festival) and more. It is also mailed to top film executives and journalists around the world.


The Festival has its own marketing and promotional reach of +20,000 film and media executives on a yearly bases through direct e-mail campaigns, newsletters as well as through its film submission platforms.

Aside from its direct marketing, the Festival is partner with Toronto Pictures (+100,000 followers on Twitter @TorPix), iPitchTV (members include: Discovery Studios, Sony Pictures Entertainment Television, New Line Cinema, Warner Brothers, Echo Lake Entertainment, Relativity Television, CBS and +9,000 newsletter subscribers), InkTip (+58,000 newsletter subscribers) and Daria! magazine, that help to promote the event on an ongoing basis.

The festival, in partnership with the Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund is also presenting the MMBF Rising Star Award to an emerging filmmaker each year since 2015.

“We promote the participating films on an ongoing basis via our own social media outreach and our partners. We offer the maximum exposure to the films and filmmakers year-long because we don’t just advertise and promote the films during the 11 day duration of the festival but we continue to screen the trailers on our on-line channel also after the event ends, plus we promote the yearly Daria! magazine for twelve consecutive months.

We also encourage the filmmakers to take personal action and use the tools we offer. We suggest that they share, throughout their social media platforms, the article about their film from Daria! magazine as well as that they invite the people from their own communities to our festival’s Vimeo channel. When we choose to offer a distribution proposal to a film, we take into consideration its popularity and the number of views it received on our channel.” – says Ms. Trifu


The Festival accepts features, documentaries, shorts and animation films. The Submission deadline is August 11, 2017. Filmmakers may submit their movies via:

Click For Festivals
Film Festival Life


Brasov Int’l Film Festival & Market is the perfect platform to market and advertise a Brand to selected consumers! Previous sponsors include Procter & Gamble and Staropramen.

Becoming a sponsor of this Festival is a unique chance to:

▪ Expand the Branding of a product and/or services to new markets internationally;
▪ Market a product/services directly to the top film & media executives;
▪ Associate a Brand with nonviolent & socially conscious filmmaking;
▪ Support nonviolent filmmaking.

This year the Festival offers five different sponsorship packages at very low promotional prices.


“We want that the rights of women and children are respected. We want to fight intellectual pollution, stupidity, racism and discrimination. We want to show that nonviolent films can be commercially viable and can contribute to achieving a better world. We want to win the fight against ignorance and bigotry. We want to use the art of film as a weapon in order to improve the viewers’ lifestyle.

Our CAUSE is driven by high ideals and it is more important than any one of us.”

USA Tel: +1-646-300-9232

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