Day #8 – Global Nonviolent Film Festival 2020

In today’s Video Presentation, Festival’s director Daria Trifu and film director and artistic consultant of the Festival Bruno Pischiutta, introduce 6 films from the 66 selected at this year’s Global Nonviolent Film Festival:

THE SKIN WALKER – Feature Film (world premiere)
179 min. – South Africa
Directed by Martyn le Roux

MUSTANG SAVIORS – Feature Documentary
100 min. – USA
Directed by David Glossberg

STUNTBOT – Short Film
29 min. – Australia
Directed by Olivia Foa’i

THE LAST QUEEN – Short Documentary
16 min. – USA
Directed by Kaye Tuckerman

THAT’S WHO YOU ARE – Music Video (world premiere)
5:10 min. – USA
Cinematography by Christopher Ott

UNDERSEE – Short Animation Film
8 min. – Canada
Directed by Margie Kelk & Lynne Slater

Until October 5 (nonstop), everyone can watch all 66 films from 30 countries that are presented at the Festival, in addition to their trailers, and the Daily Video Presentations here:

Day #8 (2020) – Daily Video Presentation by Bruno Pischiutta and Daria Trifu

Read about the films in the magazine DARIA! (2020) at