The Jury of the Global Nonviolent Film Festival 2022 is composed of Kostadin Bonev, William Espero, Annette Muller, Claudia Noble-Areff, and Camilla Roman

The Jury of the 11th Global Nonviolent Film Festival is Composed of Filmmakers from Five Countries

September 6, 2022 – Hollywood, California – The Global Nonviolent Film Festival announces who are the members of the jury at its 11th annual edition. Distinguished filmmakers from five countries make-up this year’s ensemble. In alphabetical order, the jury is composed of Kostadin Bonev, Bulgaria, William Espero, USA, Annette Muller, Germany, Claudia Noble-Areff, South Africa, and Camilla Roman, Norway.

Kostadin Bonev

Kostadin Bonev is a acritically acclaimed film auteur whose film, Warming Up Yesterday’s Lunch, was Bulgaria’s official submission to the Academy Awards® in 2002. He is the recipient of some of the most prestigious international awards, and several Bulgarian Film Academy Awards for Best Director and Best Film. Bonev is a multi-award winner at past editions of the Global Nonviolent Film Festival. Several of his films are in distribution with

William Espero

William Espero is a former American State Senator from Hawaii, chairman of the Senate Housing Committee and of the Public Safety, Intergovernmental and Military Affairs Committee. He is a Member of the Board of Directors of Global Film Studio. Espero is also the published author of the novel ‘Passion In Paradise’, the creator of the TV series Hawaii On Art Academy, and producer of the documentary Hi On Art, currently in distribution with

Annette Muller

Annette Müller is a co-producer of the documentary The Cure, directed by Emmanuel Itier, and featuring Sharon Stone and Mark Wahlberg. She is the author and director of the documentary Hu Man – Healing Journey To Being Human, in distribution with, for which she was voted Best Woman Director at the Lake City Film Festival. Muller is the founder of the hospital for energy healing Villa San Esprit and the École San Esprit – International School Of Healing Arts in Germany and Italy.

Claudia Noble-Areff

Claudia Noble-Areff is a multi-faceted filmmaker and Attorney at Law. She is a legal pioneer credited with facilitating housing to over 150,000 families in South Africa. Noble-Areff is the owner of the film studio Noble Pictures, and producer of a number of films that are in distribution with, including two episodes of an animated series of stories adapted from the book ‘Nelson Mandela’s Favorite African Folktales’.

Camilla Roman

Camilla Roman is the writer and director of the award-winning film Waves (Best Director and Best Actress at the 10th Global Nonviolent Film Festival). She is an actress most known for her recurring role in the popular Norwegian series Coda KORK. Roman is an Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (London) and New York Film Academy (Universal Studios, Los Angeles) alumna. Her films are in distribution with

The Global Nonviolent Film Festival, founded by Bruno Pischiutta and Daria Trifu in 2012, is the most important and renown nonviolent film festival in the world. The 11th edition takes place this year from September 29 to October 9. In total, 39 films from 21 countries will be showcased and will compete for awards given by the jury. The winners will be unveiled in a video presentation on October 10. The entire Festival will be broadcast (including all competing films, trailers, and daily video presentations) on-line, at

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