Global Nonviolent Film Festival is the most important and renown nonviolent film festival in the world that takes place annually on-line on its Streaming Channel:


The Festival offers the best virtual platform to showcase films, documentaries and music videos to distributors, media executives, and the general public, while they compete for awards and recognition!

▪ Since 2012, over 500 films have been selected and 200 have been awarded.

▪ This is an on-line event viewed by film professionals, media executives and the general public from all over the world. All the films, documentaries, shorts and music videos that are selected will be showcased during the 11-day event on the Festival’s Streaming Channel.

▪ Each selected film is introduced – with commentary and trailer – in the Daily Video Presentations provided throughout the 11-day event. The Video Presentations remain available on the Festival’s Streaming Channel after the event ends in order to provide long-term promotion to the participating films.

DARIA! magazine is a partner and it features interviews and articles about all the selected films and filmmakers in its annual issue. The magazine is available on-line and it is read by industry professionals and the general public since 2005: Read DARIA!.

▪ The Festival has been recognized by the IMDB and all the awards handed each year are listed and linked to the respective films’ and filmmakers’ profiles: Festival’s IMDB Profile.

The 2021 edition takes place from September 23 to October 3. The selected films will be available for viewing only on the Festival’s Streaming Channel where NO downloads are possible. Downloads of the films are not allowed for the protection of the product. At the end of the Festival, all the films are removed from the channel. The trailers remain available for one year after the event ends so that the films continue to be promoted internationally for a very long time.

All films submitted MUST BE NONVIOLENT: the Festival does not accept films that showcase explicit or graphic violence; implied acts of violence may be accepted if they are justified by the message of the film.

The films submitted must be available in English language or in their original language with English subtitles.

The Festival, founded by film director Bruno Pischiutta and producer Daria Trifu in 2012, showcases nonviolent films and demonstrates how those movies are not only capable of great international success, but are also in high demand by the public.

In 2016, the two founders made film and internet history by bringing the Festival on-line exclusively and allowing, for the first time, the world viewers to enjoy all the selected films from the comfort of their homes on the Festival’s Streaming Channel.

During the Festival, for 11 consecutive days each year, viewers from all over the world are able to watch:

  • Tens of full-length feature films & documentaries, shorts, animation films, and music videos selected from all over the world!
  • FREE daily video presentations of some films from the line-up, with introduction by festival’s director Daria Trifu and commentary by festival’s artistic consultant Bruno Pischiutta.
  • FREE trailers of the selected films.

The Awards given by the Jury are announced on the Monday following the last day of the Festival. The Award’s video presentation is available on the Festival’s Streaming Channel.

Over the years, some of the filmmakers awarded here include: Nicole Kidman, Woody Allen, Richard Gere, Keira Knightley, Robert Redford, Sarah Jessica Parker, Woody Harrelson and Cameron Diaz among many others.

Some of the films that have been awarded at Global Nonviolent Film Festival gained access to theatrical releases and have competed for Academy Award®’s nomination consideration.


In Competition with NETFLIX starting in 2021:

In 2021, Canadian company Global Film Studio Inc., owner of the Global Nonviolent Film Festival, is launching www.GlobalCinema.online, its own subscriber-based streaming platform for films and documentaries. Global Cinema Online will be a competitor to NETFLIX, and it aims to bring to the world viewers top quality films with a special focus on nonviolent content.

The films presented by Global Cinema Online will be available on its on-line OTT channel, and through the Company’s personalized APPs on iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Android TV, Tizen, and Xbox One.

The viewers will be able to subscribe to Global Cinema Online on a monthly or yearly basis and they will be able to watch films and documentaries from everywhere in the world in the comfort of their home on their computer, TV or any mobile device.

For filmmakers, Global Cinema Online will be the best OTT streaming platform to distribute their films to a global audience and to earn money for their work!

Premieres & Limited Time Releases: certain content will be available on a pay-per-view basis only. This system will also be used for new releases and films that do their premieres with Global Cinema.

All the films selected at the Global Nonviolent Film Festival are already selected for distribution – should they be available – by Global Cinema Online. There is no need to submit those films for distribution consideration.


The arts, entertainment & business magazine, DARIA!, features the Film Guide of this year’s Global Nonviolent Film Festival.

The cover of the 2020 issue of DARIA!.

Daria Trifu, its founder and Editor-in-Chief, had this to say: “Since launching the magazine in 2005, this is our biggest issue ever, with 136 pages. The aim of this publication is to influence the opinion of those who have power, desire and will to change the world for the better, by engaging them on the topics, the people and the films featured on its pages.”

Starting on page 31, “we present each of the 66 films from 30 countries that were selected in competition at this year’s Global Nonviolent Film Festival, that takes place annually on-line, on its streaming channel at www.globalnonviolentfilmfestival.com, since 2012.”

The magazine is available on-line, in an easy to read format, here:


We want that the rights of women and children are respected. We want to fight intellectual pollution, stupidity, racism and discrimination. We want to show that nonviolent films can be commercially viable and can contribute to achieving a better world. We want to win the fight against ignorance and bigotry. We want to use the art of film as a weapon in order to improve the viewers’ lifestyle.

Our CAUSE is driven by high ideals and it is more important than any one of us.

It is a new world; it is time for a new morality! It is time to put the important things first. We are working for our CAUSE through the medium of film because we are filmmakers. Film is our way of expressing ourselves and we take into consideration the fact that our films will live on after us: they will become our legacy.

GFS Logo 185Global Nonviolent Film Festival is owned and organized by Global Film Studio Inc., a Canadian company federally incorporated.


Here is what some of the filmmakers had to say about their experience at the Festival in 2020:

Hernan de Beky

Hernan de Beky: “Since day one, The Global Nonviolent Film Festival has been a terrific experience. We are all very excited and proud to have been chosen by the Jury among so many brilliant, accomplished and creative filmmakers from around the world. As I mentioned to the organizers, Daria and Bruno, they really showed an incredible commitment to excellence in mounting such an awesome international event under truly challenging conditions during a world pandemic. Plus, the mere fact to have been singled out by the Jury means a lot to all of us, let alone to be selected to receive an award as Winner of The Best Biographical Short Film of the Global Non Violent Film Festival 2020. On behalf of our cast and crew thanks very much to you! We could not have done it without you!”, says Hernan de Beky, the real-life person on which the story of the short film REMEMBER THIS VOICE (USA) is based upon.

David McCardle

Andrew McCardle: “A wonderful festival put together by those who love the medium and the craft, the care that Daria and Bruno have taken to put together a meaningful program is evident in each element of this powerful experience. This festival comes from the heart and it shows in all they do. I congratulate you and all the team at GNFF for the beautiful festival you’ve assembled this year, it was a perfect way for me to start each day to watch you and Bruno announcing the day’s program and I enjoyed the films all the more – Cheers to you and to the days and years ahead”, says Andrew McCardle, director of the feature film IT’S ALWAYS BEEN YOU (USA).

Elizabeth Rossa

Elizabeth Rossa: “Daria Trifu is one of the most engaging and beautiful souls! Her festival along with Bruno Pischiutta was an incredible honor to be a part of and awarded by. It was a joy to have experienced their world and the many incredible films and videos that they graced us with. This Festival is A MUST SEE and should be on your radar every year!”, says Elizabeth Rossa, director of the music video GANAPATAYE (USA).

Roberto Fischer

Roberto Fischer: “Very honored to have been selected as a WINNER with my documentary EXPEDITION NIGER – REAL AFRICA at the GNVFF this year. The way the festival is being run is beating the highest professional standards and should encourage all film makers to take part. Keep up with your good work!”, says Roberto Fischer, director of the feature documentary EXPEDITION NIGER – REAL AFRICA (Germany).

David Licata

David Licata: “I was honored to have A Life’s Work, my feature documentary, selected by the Global Nonviolent Film Festival, and to receive Best Subject – Feature Documentary, was icing on the cake. The focus of the festival creates an all around good aura. Communication was beyond excellent and Daria is amazing. Thank you so much for showing A Life’s Work.” Says David Licata, director of the feature documentary A Life’s Work (USA).

Irfan Jami

“I feel utterly utterly pleased to give 10/10 rating to the Global Nonviolent Film Festival which is the only film festival in the world promoting Nonviolent films. Today this festival is my most favourite film festival. I would like to extend my wholehearted thanks to Madam Daria and Bruno sir for providing a class apart platform to us independent Film makers. Heads off to you Madam Daria and Bruno sir for your cutting edge skills and credible professionalism you showed in channelling your energy under pressing conditions created by Covid-19.

At GNVFF you are made to feel like a member of the large GNVFF family. Quickest response to any query by none other than Madam Daria herself has really been remarkable. Latest updates and informations and everything that the film maker must know is available before time.

I, Mr. Irfan Jami, writer – Director of the short film LEMME TELL U on behalf of my entire team feel honored and humbled to have been Awarded with BEST ACTRESS AWARD – in a short film. I will cherish this unforgettable moment.

Thank you very much, once again, Madam Daria and Bruno sir. Long Live Global Nonviolent Film Festival.” Says Irfan Jami, director of the short film LEMME TELL U (India).

Alberto Galan: “Loved being part of this nonviolent film initiative and we cannot wait for http://www.GlobalCinema.onlineto be launched. We’ll be submitting future films in the following years as well.” Says Alberto Galan, director of the short documentary MARGINALIZED NATION (Colombia).

Martyn le Roux

Martyn le Roux: “Being part of the 2020 Festival was an epic experience! The hospitality, communication and professionalism with which this festival is run, is simply amazing. This is my first festival and I am glad that I chose the Global Nonviolent Festival. Daria Trifu is an amazing and dynamic lady who answered each and every question I had. Feedback was instantaneous and there was nothing too big or too small that wasn’t handled and supported. A BIG RECOMMENDATION! YES! YES! This was simply an amazing experience from the word “go”. From my first e-mail to Daria to the last day of the festival I never felt out of place or “alienated’. No question(s) was/were too big, small or silly. All were answered.

More than the awards we received, I think the whole experience and professional way in which everything was done, would remain with me for the rest of my life.

All in all, it was a life-altering experience. You sometimes wonder why you do things, feel driven to accomplish something, and wonder if you are good enough.

Then you meet people like you, become part of a whole new ‘life’ for a few weeks, and realize why you did what you did, and that you can actually be counted with some of the best, (and there were some amazing works in the Festival).

If I ever manage to produce another one of my stories (On my bucket list!) I shall not hesitate to submit it again to this Festival. (I’ll make sure it is not 3 hours!!),” Says Martyn le Roux, director of the feature film THE SKIN WALKER (South Africa).

Ken Sagoes

Ken Sagoes: “I’m deeply honored that “The McHenry Trial – Don’t Judge a Kid by Their Hoodie” was selected as an Award Winner in your remarkable festival! The festival is well-organized with great communication. May the Festival continue to provide filmmakers a platform that fosters creativity and self expression. Your virtual Festival — and daily coverage — is the best I have experienced since the advent of Covid. Again, WELL DONE!” Says Ken Sagoes, director of the short film THE MCHENRY TRIAL (USA).

(left) Shamil Aliyev

Shamil Aliyev: “I am very glad that my film STEPPE MAN is making a kind of contribution against violence through this festival.” Says Shamil Aliyev, director of STEPPE MAN(Azerbaijan).

Roger Paradiso

Roger Paradiso: “Dear Daria and Bruno;
I would not have to say so many words, but to ask everyone to look at the picture of that adorable young girl reaching to push the message of NO Violent films. It speaks for itself.
I again congratulate Daria and Bruno for having the courage to take a stand and to promote GLOBAL NONVIOLENT FILMS. It is a revolutionary concept and it should keep spreading throughout the world.

I enjoyed having my film shown at this years festival. It is called THE QUEEN OF CAMELOT and it is about Jackie Kennedy’s Camelot. I won an award at the Festival. I am proud to say that this award is shared by all the people who have helped me make this independent film.

I can only hope that Daria and Bruno continue this festival forever and that people take notice of all the independent filmmakers who dare to make these films.” Says Roger Paradiso, director of THE QUEEN OF CAMELOT (USA).

Anne Lakhdar: “Daria invested incredibly lot of energy and time in making this unique Festival happening. We appreciated the focus of the festival – nonviolent films!, the presentation in the DARIA! magazine, but also the daily review of the presented films. There was a good presence on the social networks and each and every filmmaker felt being part of this online event. Thank you Daria for this! The only thing that could participate in making this even better would be the quality (mainly sound and also the reading of the information) of the daily interviews. Thank you for selecting “Away From Guns” and for the “Best Subject Short Documentary” Award, what an encouragement! Wishing you every success for your future projects and a good rest after this very busy time!” Says Anne Lakhdar, producer of AWAY FROM GUNS(Switzerland).

Clive Myer & Lynda Myer-Bennett

Clive Myer & Lynda Myer-Bennett: “Congratulations and thank you so much for a wonderful and professional festival and for all your hard work.” Says Clive Myer and Lynda Myer-Bennett, directors & producers of the short documentary MAURICE EL MEDIONI (UK).

Martin Sheen

Mélanie N. Bennett: “And thank you for spreading nonviolence — what important work you are doing.” Says Mélanie N. Bennett, producer of the feature documentary THE WORLD IS MY COUNTRY (USA) – presented by Martin Sheen.

The Most Important & Renown Nonviolent Film Festival in the World

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