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4th Day – Global Nonviolent Film Festival

In today’s Video Presentation, Bruno Pischiutta and Daria Trifu introduce four films from the line-up.


KUELE (world premiere)
Short Film, 21 min., South Africa
Directed by Jonathan Pienaar
Feature Documentary, 80 min., Colombia
Directed by Claudia Fischer
Short Documentary, 18 min., USA (Mongolia)
Directed by Sas Carey
Short Experimental, 19 min., UK
Directed by Mickey Smith and Allan Wilson

The Festival offers 38 films, documentaries, animation and experimental movies, and music videos that are streaming during the event on a pay-per-view basis. There are also free Daily Video Presentations (11 in total) and the Awards Video Presentation, in addition to the films’ trailers. For the viewers who wish to follow the entire festival, there are VIP Passes available to be purchased directly from the channel at the price of $100 each; one pass offers 7-day access to all the content. Viewers may also opt to pay-per-view for the titles that interest them most.

Global Nonviolent Film Festival takes place from September 29 to October 10. There are ten world premieres among the 38 films from 19 countries selected to compete at this year’s festival. Watch any of the films, trailers, and daily video presentations at the time of your choosing on-line at: globalnonviolentfilmfestival.com