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Global Nonviolent Film Festival Announces the 2019 Awards

September 30, 2019 — Hollywood, California — Global Nonviolent Film Festival, the most important and renown nonviolent film festival in the world, announced today the Awards handed at its 8th edition. The announcement was made by festival director Daria Trifu and festival artistic consultant Bruno Pischiutta in a video presentation that is available for viewing on the Festival’s on-line TV Channel:


The Festival is becoming more successful and is growing with each new edition. This year, there have been a record number of 46 films that have been selected from 23 countries. They included feature and short films, feature and short documentaries, animation films and music videos.

The Awards decided by the Jury and handed at the 2019 edition of the Global Nonviolent Film Festival are:


Best Feature Film
“The Descendants” – Iran
Produced by Mitra Roohimanesh
Directed by Yaser Talebi

Best Original Production Design
“As the Earth Turns” – USA
Directed by Richard H. Lyford


Best Short Film
“The Power of One Coin” – UK
Produced by Flaminia Graziadei, Zbignew Siwek & Judson Vaghoun 
Directed by Flaminia Graziadei

Best Screenplay
Julie Uribe for “The Healing of Harman” – USA
Directed by Seth Pinsker

Best Director
Mehmet Tığlı for “Spizella” – Turkey

Best Original Subject
“If I Could Bark” – USA
Directed by Shawn Welling

Best Actor
Damion Rochester in “Tastes Like Medicine” – USA


Best Feature Documentary
“Soldiers Without Guns” – Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea
Produced by John Kier
Directed by Will Watson

Best Director
Gayle Kirschenbaum for “Look at Us Now, Mother!” – USA

Best Cinematography
Corey Scarrow for “Jackstones” – Canada, Philippines 
Directed by Tim Riedel

Best Editing
“Day of the Western Sunrise” – USA, Japan
Directed by Keith Reimink


Best Short Documentary
“Vietnam Aftermath” – USA
Directed & Produced by Tom Phillips

Best Original Idea
“Gun Show”  – USA
Directed by Richard Chisolm


Best Short Animation Film
“Anacronte” – Argentina, Mexico
Produced by Emiliano Sette
Directed by Emiliano Sette and Raúl Koler

Best Screenplay
Maria Moreira for “The Teacher” – Portugal


Best Performer
Osvaldo Supino in “No Means No” by Osvaldo Supino – Spain
Directed by Vera Kuznetsova & Andrei Zaitcev

Best Director
Guido Verelst for “How Beautiful” by Dez Mona – Belgium

Best Music
“Tip Toe” by Tim Freitag – Switzerland, Vietnam
Directed by Achille Lietha 

The complete Film Guide of the films that have participated in the Festival, with articles and behind-the-scenes commentary from the filmmakers, is in the annual magazine Daria!. The magazine is available here: Daria! Magazine.