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The Official Poster of the 12th Global Nonviolent Film Festival

From September 28 to October 8, the Global Nonviolent Film Festival will hold its 12th edition.

The poster for the festival’s 12th edition was released today. Emerging actress Stella Hinsen is the star of the event’s 2023 digital artwork that was designed by multi-talented artist and film producer Daria Trifu, the festival’s co-founder and director.

The poster is a snapshot of a parallel moment captured during the filming of a movie. A mirror on the wall reflects the point of view of the actress who observes the action taking place before her with admiration and deep thought. Daria Trifu explains that, “There are two ways to see film: one way is how the filmmaker sees it, and the other is how the viewer sees it. For the filmmaker, film is reality, while for the viewer, film is dream. My protagonist, the young actress, is snapped moments before stepping in front of the camera; for her, that moment will represent her dream becoming reality. Yes, through the mirror we see what she sees, but through her eyes and expression we can feel her thoughts are deeper.”

Global Nonviolent Film Festival official poster ©2023 - Features actress Stella Hinsen, Graphic design by Daria Trifu
Global Nonviolent Film Festival official poster ©2023 – Features actress Stella Hinsen, Graphic design by Daria Trifu

Trifu, who studied fine arts, has designed several posters of the past editions of the Global Nonviolent Film Festival that is known as the most important and renown nonviolent film festival in the world. She founded the festival in 2012 with film director Bruno Pischiutta.

Like Daria Trifu, Stella Hinsen studied film and acting under Pischiutta. Considering her young age, her talent and the seriousness she has shown so far, Hinsen can certainly aspire to great success in her international acting career. The actress will make her debut in a starring role in The Trilogy, the highly anticipated film project written and directed by Bruno Pischiutta that consists of three sequential major motion pictures and three documentaries. Trifu, who will produce the six films, will also direct the three documentaries and make her acting debut in one of the three features.

In The Trilogy, Hinsen will play Dani, definitely the most dramatic character portrayed in the films. Dani is a sweet girl who arrives in London from a small town in Eastern Europe where she was abused in the past. In the big city she meets a girl who is older and more experienced than she is, with whom she has a very complicated love affair. So, in London, Dani meets love but also becomes a victim of addiction, and her affair comes to a tragic end.

“Daria and Bruno have created a marvelous festival that is so artist-friendly. They are flawless in their selection of films. I haven’t been treated with such consideration since the Berlinale in 1989.” – Film Director Brad Mays (USA)

Global Nonviolent Film Festival prides itself on bringing to an international audience the best films and documentaries made in the world each year that do not contain gratuitous violence. Global Film Studio, the Canadian media and film production company that owns the festival, guarantees worldwide distribution to all the selected films through its streaming channel GlobalCinema.online that showcases nonviolent films.

The 12th edition of the Global Nonviolent Film Festival will take place online from September 28 to October 8, 2023 at GlobalNonviolentFilmFestival.com.

Global Nonviolent Film Festival Reveals 11th Edition Poster Featuring Hollywood Icons

March 23, 2022 – Hollywood, California – The Global Nonviolent Film Festival reveals the official poster for its eleventh annual edition, which takes place this year from September 29 to October 9.

The poster was designed and created by film producer and festival director Daria Trifu. It features icons of the silver screen such as Charlie Chaplin, Grace Kelly, James Stewart, Alfred Hitchcock, Paul Newman, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Katharine Hepburn, Morgan Freeman, Audrey Hepburn, James Dean, and Bruno Pischiutta.

Official Poster of the Global Nonviolent Film Festival 2022.

“I created this poster as a personal tribute to the people who inspire me and who are the reason I became a filmmaker”, says Daria Trifu. She continues, “a few days ago, I wanted to remind myself of the beauty, elegance and overall style of ‘old Hollywood’, the time when the influence of stars on the world and on ‘ordinary people’ was so powerful and all so inspiring. Grace Kelly’s sheer beauty and elegance transcends generations and resonates with women of all ages; Katharine Hepburn’s tenacious independence and vivacious personality helped her cultivate an on-screen persona that matched her public image; Audrey Hepburn’s innocence, kindness and angelic character are not a mirage of the silver screen but the essence of her lifelong commitment to humanitarian work and children’s rights advocacy; the complexity of Alfred Hitchcock’s camera movements and suspenseful shots is still unsurpassed today; while Charlie Chaplin’s creative genius is the backbone of an entire industry. I spent hours searching the web and a theme was slowly building in my mind: in today’s world, that is fueled by social media, the idol as it was once defined is rapidly fading away as the subject becomes the ‘ordinary people’, so the camera is on all of us.”

The Global Nonviolent Film Festival is the world’s leading and most renowned nonviolent film festival. The 11-day event takes place annually online at globalnonviolentfilmfestival.com

Last year, Global Film Studio launched a streaming channel for nonviolent films that is available everywhere at globalcinema.online. Global Cinema Online offers distribution contract proposals to all the films that are selected to participate in the Global Nonviolent Film Festival.

Submissions to the Festival are now open. The early deadline to register a film is March 30. Filmmakers who do not arrive to submit their work by that date, can still do so before the final deadline of August 30. All entries are received through FilmFreeway: HERE


Global Nonviolent Film Festival


Global Nonviolent Film Festival Reveals 2019 Official Poster

May 16, 2019 — Hollywood, California — Global Nonviolent Film Festival reveals the official poster for its 8th annual edition taking place 19 – 29 September, 2019.

Official Poster of the 2019 edition of Global Nonviolent Film Festival.

The poster was created by Daria Trifu, the Festival’s director, who also designed and executed the original artwork. “I created this poster as a visual means to show what our Festival stands for: peace and hope over war and violence. The contrast between light and dark was an essential component hence the choice of colour and black & white. The purity of the little girl signifies the hope for a better and brighter future.”

Global Nonviolent Film Festival continues to accept submissions of feature films, documentaries, shorts, docudramas, animation films and music videos. Until now, +20 films have already been selected from over 10 countries and they will be shown ‘in competition’ at the upcoming edition of the Festival.

The Festival accepts submissions via FilmFreeway, Withoutabox and Reelport.

The submission deadline is August 31. 

GNFF is an on-line film festival that showcases the best in nonviolent cinema from around the globe. The Festival takes place on its on-line TV Channel.