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Brasov Film Festival 2015 – DAY 6

The fifth film In-Competition, from Iran, had its European premiere at the Brasov International Film Festival on Tuesday evening, September 8. The film was OBLIVION SEASON, directed and produced by Abbas Rafei and written by Ali Asghari. The movie is starring Sareh Bayat and Amin Zendeghani.

An ex-prostitute (Sareh Bayat) starts a new life by marrying her loved one (Amin Zendeghani) but leaving the shadow of her dark past is not as easy as it seemed before. Now she is the prisoner of her husband and in order to earn her freedom she should fight with the chauvinistic society of Iran.

Director’s view:

Abbas Rafei (2)“I tried to show a woman behind bars and fences all over today’s Tehran, who is trying to overcome all the intolerance and traditional and religious dogmatism in her society in order to live and stay alive. A society which doesn’t wish to let her forget the past.”


Once again, following the success of the film at the Festival, filmmakers and guests have gathered at the restaurant Die Stube – the second location of the event.