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Global Nonviolent Film Festival Announces 2023 Dates & Opens Submissions

October 24, 2022 — Hollywood, California — The 12th edition of the Global Nonviolent Film Festival will run from September 28 to October 8, 2023.

Submissions are now open on FilmFreeway in the categories narrative film, documentary, docudrama, animation, experimental, and music video. All films submitted must be nonviolent: the Festival does not accept films that showcase explicit or graphic violence; implied acts of violence may be accepted if they are justified by the message of the film.

The films that are selected to participate at the Festival, are guaranteed a distribution contract proposal from globalcinema.online  – a unique pay-per-view streaming channel for films that do not contain gratuitous violence. The channel is available worldwide.

Global Nonviolent Film Festival, the most important and renown nonviolent film festival in the world, was founded by film director Bruno Pischiutta and producer Daria Trifu in 2012. The international film festival is owned and organized annually by Global Film Studio, a Canadian media company that is focused on ventures that are socially conscious and nonviolent. The Festival takes place annually on it’s streaming channel at: globalnonviolentfilmfestival.com  

For 11 consecutive days each year, the world viewers get the chance to watch the films selected at the Global Nonviolent Film Festival. The films are accompanied by daily video presentations hosted by the Festival’s organizers. The viewers can supplement the information about the participating films and filmmakers by reading articles in DARIA! – the art, culture and entertainment magazine established in 2005 – that provides full media coverage during the event at dariamagazine.com

Here is what filmmakers had to say about their experience at the Festival in 2022:


I was very happy to have had two films selected for the 2022 Global Nonviolent Film Festival. Let me say this: Daria and Bruno have created a marvelous film festival. They take good care of the filmmakers, they are responsive to our needs, and they are flawless in their selection of films. I feel honored to be included along with such a high caliber of film artists. The films are superb, the presentation wonderful, and I have no complaints (a rarity, to say the least).

I’d like to take a few moments to express not only my gratitude for all the support my films have received by you, Bruno and the festival, but also to acknowledge the extremes you go to in making the festival so artist-friendly. Really, I haven’t been treated with such consideration since the Berlin International Film Festival in 1989, a very long time ago. Bless you, Daria and Bruno, for elevating the art of film.

Dr. Teresa Mular, Director (USA): CAN’T STOP THE SUN FROM SHINING

Daria and Bruno run a most artistic and grand film festival. They and their team of jurors have selected a most delightful series of films which honor the art and form of this mode of expression and creativity. Their achievements in running a festival are second to none. It was my true honor and privilege to be part of their festival and to be awarded in two categories with my film about four amazing women: Best Medical Subject and Best Director in the feature documentary category. I was so happily surprised! Thanks to the entire team at the festival!

Words are not enough to express my gratitude for having selected my film, first and foremost, to be screened along so many other works which represent the highest caliber of artistic design, production and development. To participate in this festival has been a real delight. So well organized and carried out. This past week delivered my heart and mind with a vast array of cinematographic jewels. Thanks to all of you who made this festival possible. It’s second to no other.

Miguel Andrade do Vale, Director (Portugal): UNIQUE

A one of a kind festival! Not only it embraces a noble mission, but it’s also extremely well managed. In fact, the organizers – Daria Trifu and Bruno Pischiutta – really bring to the table a professionalism and attention to detail that are absolutely outstanding! What an honor to also win the Best Music and Best Cinematography awards for my music video Unique, at such a special festival! We are truly grateful to the Jury and to the wonderful people that run the festival. Thank you!

Yannis Aivazis, Director (Greece): ABYSS IN

Great Festival, and great people! Thank you Bruno and Daria; my team and I are grateful to have received the Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Actor awards!!! Thank you for everything!


This is a wonderful, worthwhile Film Festival! I was so pleased that my feature documentary on Mahatma Gandhi’s wife, Kasturba Gandhi: Accidental Activist, was selected to be in the Festival, and then awarded Best Historical Subject! The [festival] Director and others did a great job of organizing the Festival. Their mission to showcase nonviolent films is an admirable service to humanity. To the organizers I say: It is very important for our world to come together to offer the opportunity for others to view such Nonviolent Films. You are providing a crucial service for the evolution of humanity! I am proud and happy to be a part of the Global Nonviolence Film Festival family.

Rosana Maya, Actress/Dancer (South Africa): KUELE

The festival was and is of the most extreme excellence! From the ethos, the intention, the choice of movies and the manner in which it was streamed are of the highest quality. Flamenkhoi are honored to have been a part of the festival and to be working with Global at this level. We are humbled by your appreciation of our work and thank you for providing this opportunity to showcase our work. Your professionalism coupled with the personal touch and heart are a rare gift to all viewers. Congratulations on the success of the spectacular festival!

Nathalie Vaglio, Director (USA): JUPITER 2032

Such a privilege to be part of such great festival with such great nonviolent films! Daria and Bruno are so professional and the communication was outstanding. Very proud to have won Best Art Direction for my first feature film Jupiter 2032. I recommend the Global Nonviolent Film Festival to everyone. Congratulations again for such a beautiful festival with such great films. It was an honor to be part of it/them!

Alberto Nacci, Director (Italy): ARTIST’S VOICES

One of the best film festivals all around the world! Daria and Bruno use the web in a very interesting way, and I appreciated the daily videos with the presentation of the films. I’m so proud to be a winner with two awards, Best Cinematography and Best Music Score for my feature documentary Artist’s Voices, in the 2022 edition!

Alan Rosenfeld, Director (USA): DESERT WALTZ

I’m honored and proud to have been a part of the 2022 festival. The organization does a great job of inclusion and communication. I’m trilled to have my film Desert Waltz chosen as the Best Animation Film of 2022. What a great way to share my short film with a wider audience. Thank you all!

Jennifer Jessum, Director (USA): ANIMA

I want to thank you for the beautiful festival that you [Daria] and Bruno have created and the elegant and professional way that you produced it. I appreciate and acknowledge the hard work and the artistry that went into creating such a powerful event. I really appreciated the light and joy that emanated from both you and Bruno during your daily presentations. It is clear you are both driven by a high purpose and dedication to non-violence. I will be sure to submit our future work to your beautiful festival.

Joel Lawrence Holzman, Director (USA): THE MPASSA: A SECOND CHANCE

Great festival and experience. Working with Daria and having my feature documentary The Mpassa: A Second Chance chosen as an official selection and winning the award for Best Sound Design in my category, made it even more worthwhile. Much thanks to all for making the 2022 Global Nonviolent Film Festival such a success.

Danielle McCormick, Director (UK): HUNI

God Bless Daria for putting in so much hard work to create a wonderful, meaningful festival.

Milena Stoykova, Producer (Bulgaria): HAPPY STONES

On behalf of our team, I’d like to say ‘thank you’ for the experience, and that it was an honor to be part of the Festival. The organization of the Festival was perfect and we, as filmmakers, felt appreciated and valued.

Dan Pavlik, Director (USA): FAMILY PLANNER

Great online festival! Happy we were accepted and won!


Our team, Nancy McBride, Alexa Sheehan and Julie Chalhoub, are honored to have been awarded Best Feature Documentary. Thank you GNVFF for bringing such important topics to a place where they can be seen and heard.

Kaia Rose, Director (USA): FUGETSU-DO

What an honor to win three awards in the short documentary category! Thank you to the organizers for including Fugetsu-Do in this year’s line-up and for putting on such a thoughtful, meaningful, and well-organized festival!

Hannah Karine Giske, Director (Norway): LOBSTERIUM

This is a very well organized festival! Everything went very smoothly. Thank you so much for being a part of it!

Claudia Noble-Areff, Jury Member, Actress/Director/Producer (South Africa)

It was such an privilege to be a member of the Jury of this prestigious festival. Thank you so much Daria Trifu and Bruno Pischiutta. Thank you to the other jurors; it was an honor to judge the 38 films from 19 countries with you. Congratulations to all the filmmakers.

CONTACT: Global Nonviolent Film Festival, info@nonviolentfilmfestival.com

Everything You Need to Know About the Global Nonviolent Film Festival

Established in 2012, the Global Nonviolent Film Festival is the most important and renown non-violent film festival in the world.

Global Nonviolent Film Festival showcases films that do NOT show gratuitous violence.

All the films selected at the Global Nonviolent Film Festival receive a distribution Contract proposal from GlobalCinema.online!

Daria Trifu
Film Producer Daria Trifu – Festival Director & Co-Founder

When did it start and why?

The 11-day event came on the market in 2012 and it started in a resort city in Romania. In 2016 its founders, film director Bruno Pischiutta and film producer Daria Trifu, took the event on-line giving access to the world’s viewers to watch the high quality non-violent films it showcases.

What type of films are shown at the Global Nonviolent Film Festival?

The public demand for non-violent film as a genre has never been more strong. The films shown at the Global Nonviolent Film Festival are mostly independently made, and they do not contain any acts of gratuitous violence.

There are more and more people in the world who are simply tired of seeing imagined shootings, killings, and torture on the ‘big screen’. They instead look for more than just simple entertainment: they look to discover new talent, new places, different cultures, and to broaden their horizons.

What sets this Festival apart?

What sets this Festival apart are the films it shows, and the fact that they all receive a distribution contract proposal from Globalcinema.online.

There are over 15,000 film festivals in the world today. It certainly isn’t easy to stand-out, but the Global Nonviolent Film Festival did just that: it stood-out of the crowd by identifying and sticking to a niche market of non-violent films, more exactly films that do not contain gratuitous violence. The Festival accepts films and music videos in almost evert genre as long as they do not showcase extreme/graphic violence such as gratuitous killings and shootings, brutal fight scenes, slash and horror.

When it started, it wasn’t easy denying access to films, especially when they were very high quality and sometimes even Studio pictures, if they contained gratuitous acts of violence. Saying ‘no’ to temptation and allowing the event to grow naturally, took time, but it was the right thing to do.

How did COVID impact the event in 2020?

This terrible pandemic had an unexpected positive effect on the Festival. In a year when every other film festival in the world had to cancel or postpone their editions, the Global Nonviolent Film Festival saw a major rise in both film submissions and viewers. This happened because it was already a well established and smoothly running online event, and it required no change in its structure or setting. The organizers had simply to adapt to the three-times higher than usual amount of films and daily presentations, but there were no hiccups and everything ran surprisingly well.

In 2020, the Festival screened 66 films from 30 countries. Of those, there were 11 world premieres. It was a record number.

Where can the Festival be watched?

The web address is globalnonviolentfilmfestival.com. This is where all the films, trailers and Daily Presentations are broadcast.

What happens during the 11-day event?

The schedule of the 11-day event goes as follows:

On the opening day, all the films selected go live on the Festival’s online channel. This way, the public can watch any of them at the time of their choosing.

Every day of the Festival, a new video presentation goes live on the channel. That’s the event’s Daily Presentation where the organizers discuss and highlight one or more of the presented films accompanied by trailer(s). This way, the public has the chance to learn more about the films and their filmmakers.

On Monday, following the closing day of the event, the Awards Presentation goes live on the channel. This gives the filmmakers and the public the chance to celebrate the winners.

All films remain available for viewing on the channel for an additional week following the end of the event. This gives everyone the chance to watch them and, eventually, focus on the awarded ones.

The trailers of the films and the Daily Presentations remain available on the channel for one full year, until next year’s edition. This gives additional promotion to the films.

How much does it cost to watch the films?

The trailers are free to watch and so are the Daily Presentations with commentary about the participating films.

The rest of the channel works on a pay-per-view basis where one can choose and pay for the film they wish to watch individually. Prices go from $1.99 to $13.99.

There are weekly VIP passes available for the event too. They give the possibility to the people to watch any number of films they choose for a period of seven days from the date of purchase. The price for the VIP passes is determined just before the Festival starts, and after the line-up is announced.

Where can the films be seen after?

Many of the films start streaming on globalcinema.online in the weeks and months after the Festival ends.

What is globalcinema.online?

It is a unique pay-per-view channel showcasing films, documentaries, and TV Series that do not contain gratuitous violence. It is available worldwide.

Global Cinema Online (globalcinema.online) and the Global Nonviolent Film Festival are both owned by Global Film Studio, a Canadian media company focused on ventures that are socially conscious and non-violent.

The Festival is today the primary source of content for the newly launched and ground-braking channel that fills a void in the field of video-streaming services by offering to the public non-violent films that give them the possibility to learn more and to open their mental horizon.

Every film selected at the Global Nonviolent Film Festival receives worldwide distribution with very favorable financial terms:

  • Non-exclusive contract;
  • 60% of the proceeds goes to the filmmaker;
  • Geo-blocking is available.

This new reality makes for a win-win situation for all parties involved: the public, the filmmakers, and the Festival.

Kyle Osborne
Entertainment Reporter Kyle Osborne

In February 2022, Entertainment reporter and filmmaker Kyle Osborne of www.EntertainmentOrDie.com, reviewed Global Cinema Online. Osborne is a two-time Emmy Award Winner and member of the Critics Choice Association.

Read “We Tested Streaming Services for Indies, International & Docs”, and find out what he has to say about Global Cinema Online.

Filmmakers who have completed films or TV Series (narrative, documentary, docudrama, animation, experimental) and wish to distribute them without Festival participation, can submit them for consideration directly to Global Cinema Online: HERE; filmmakers can also contact Global Cinema Online at globalcinema@globalfilmstudio.com.

Who are the Festival’s media partners?

Daria! Magazine

The arts, entertainment and business magazine established in 2005 is the principal media partner of the Global Nonviolent Film Festival. The magazine is available online at dariamagazine.com. In each annual edition, there are articles about the participating films and interviews with the filmmakers.

IndieActivity Magazine

Journalist Oladapo Bamidele

Published by journalist Oladapo Bamidele (photo), IndieActivity Magazine provides the daily coverage of the Festival followed by interviews with all the awarded filmmakers. The magazine is also available online at indieactivity.com.

It is notable to mention that the Global Nonviolent Film Festival is recognized by the IMDB and all the awards are listed there as well as inter-connected to the respective films’ and filmmakers’ profiles.

How can filmmakers submit their work?

They can do so via FilmFreeway here: Global Nonviolent Film Festival

How can anyone contact the Festival?

Anyone, from filmmakers to journalists and to the general public, may contact the Global Nonviolent Film Festival at info@nonviolentfilmfestival.com. All messages receive a personalized reply and the organizers are happy to provide all the support and assistance needed.

The Film Festival Doctor Founder Rebekah Louisa Smith

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