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Brasov Film Festival 2015 – Day 7

The sixth film In-Competition, from Spain, had its Romanian premiere at the Brasov International Film Festival on Wednesday evening, September 9. The film is ESCAPES (Spanish: HUIDAS) written, directed and produced by Mercedes Gaspar who was present for the screening. The movie is starring Huichi Chiu and Liberto Rabal.

Director Bruno Pischiutta and actress Denisa Barvon interview Spanish director Mercedes Gaspar on the stage of Brasov International Film Festival & Market before the screening of her movie.

Following the success of the film at the Festival, producer Daria Trifu has conducted an interview with Mercedes Gaspar.

In attendance, there was also Cicerone Busuioc, the PR Manager of the Iubim Brasovul Group, who discussed the movie with the director.


After the death of her father, the leading character, a young girl named China (Huichi Chiu) goes on trip that will help her to find the human being’s essence. During this travel, she will discover that running away from her past and present is not the way to solve her problems.